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foot fetish camsIf you enjoy looking at sexy girls nude feet then be sure to chekc out our amazing live adult cam section where we have literally hundreds of amazing girls waiting to show off their bare feet to you in an online sex show. Just enter any of our live adult chat rooms and start watching hot females online . These girls love to tease using their feet, from toe sucking, to sole licking and foot jobs and more, you are sure to find some of the kinkiest feetgirls willing to do any type of footplay you request.Just talking about the teasign side and why so many guys have a hard on for womens naked feet, we will discuss this in this blog post. But i bet right now you just want to head on over and check out the live sites who offer this type of scenario and free session and we can recommend one of the best sites online with thousands of girls to select from  is sites like – with many women playing from home, painting their toenails, clipping they sexy toes or pushing them in your face up that webcam, you will quickly understand why they are as popular as they are.

foot fetishWatch them use the power of their sexy feet to crush balloons, or to suck on that big toe and tell you how they imagine it’s your cock they are sucking. Watch as they slowly dangle a high heel shoe from their feet or stamp on that blown up balloon and tease you with the sound it makes when it rubs against them. These females enjoy the whole fetish side of things and it shows. Just enter into the live free rooms and watch the top ladies do their very own kinky thing with their barefeetand not only that they always welcome any type of requests you may have for them, so don’t be shy when it comes to asking them to do a particular thing for you.

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The types of bdsm cam shows

So you have decided you want to test the water with the bdsm webcam side of things, perhaps this is before you dabble into the real world for a real session with a Pro – Domme and you just want to figure out what kind of sessions you may get in an online type scenario or even just to speak to a Mistress and ask her some questions as she may very well also be a pro-domme with her own dungeon so it is a worthwhile task asking the  Female dominant about this as well.

there are many sites out there discuss what happens in bdsm webcam shows? so i wont waste to much time going through the same old things again but i will tell you a few of the most popular scenarios and requests that us Mistresses get asked for on a daily basis.


We have straight away the whole  cock and ball torture where a Mistress will tell you what items to bring to the cam show like shoe laces, spoon, candle, toothpaste and then she wil instruct you what to do, this can be painful or mild the point is she is in control and you must obey her

Tease and denial- Where she will tease you and not let you cum, no matter how desperate you are she will deny this one pleasure this can be moved into things like orgasm control, edging, ruined orgasm as well as cum control and jerk off instructions

Humiliation – This is a huge one and we have all sorts of different ways of humiliation from sissy girl being humiliated to adult baby, to small penis as well sploshing foot smothering the list is endless

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Blackmail/financial domination – Where she will take your details and demand you do as she says or she will expose you to your friends and family – this can be coupled with financial domination where you become her pay pig and cashcow

Anal invasion – anal play and anal stretching where she uses strapons or objects including real cocks to stretch your hole she will violate it and make you her bitch and offers prostate massage and anal orgasm

Forced feminzation – forcing you into womens clothes and humiliating you

Ball busting can fall under the whole cbt

These are just a few of the more popular scenarios however we do get people who like fetishes for example smoking, latex and high heels or they enjoy verbal humiliation and degradation and foot play as well as nails, toes and tit smother.

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Bondage can also be another popular request  althought much harder to do in an online session

Chastity where she locks your cock in a cage and keeps the key – No more wanking boy!!

This should give you an idea of the type of scenarios that are involved in an online session however you will find a lot of our femdoms are open minded and up for anythign and they to enjoy exploring the world of bdsm and what is involved in any type of session with you.



Bdsm Gay guys Online

No matter what type of session you are after we have it all under one roof. So if you are looking for something  in particular you can be assured we will cater for it on our live web cam sites. We always show the very best hosts and no matter what your tastes are you can be assured to find that particular type here with us.Our live bdsm chat rooms are always full of those who love the whole domination scene, the being charge or being controlled and what better way than to watch some gay guys being controlled by Mistresses, transgenders or other like minded gay males.Our sessions are full of men who like to be submissive and we have brought you not just some pictures of subby men but also of those who like to be in charge and own any situation through dominant manners or by humiliating the weaker male.

Our males enjoy all areas  of domination, from hog ties to spanking  as well as making you their little fuck toy. They love anal abuse and forced wanking and to be worshiped properly by weak male cam slaves. If you are ready to experience the most powerful type of fetish show online with hot gay strong muscular guys who thrive on being charge and taking control of your body, soul and mind, then log into our live cam shows now and meet some very able minded guys who not only have the  look, but enjoy being mean and cruel. Demanding you suck their cock, they particularly enjoy newbies, and bi curious guys or those who have never experienced what its like to be with another man.

Bdsm whipping in gay shows


These guys love spanking, whipping, cock and ball torture, cock sucking, cum eating and making your life a misery, get ready to worship these hot hunks and let them become your master and owner.

Using paddles, canes, cuffs and restraints these gay bdsm cam guys know exactly what buttons to press when it comes to being in charge of weak men. They love to be on top and to to verbally abuse you. The thought of a strong, muscly male spanking you or fucking you hard and you have no say you have to accept it after all you have now become their sex slave. You must always obey and thank them after each slap, or each tug of that cock or kick of they balls.


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Femdom cams live with strict female domination and humiliation. Our live anal cams and anal training are live and online round the clock. If you are a sissy or a slave and ready to be trained by strict females then be sure to step inside now.

Our strict Mistresses are waiting with their whips, paddles and canes and they want to bend you over and spank you hard. You are a pathetic little loser that needs to be disciplined by these strict females. Get ready to be tortured, abused, humiliated, laughed at and degraded byt ladies who think men are just creatures,

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When you are ready to bend over and become our pathetic little bitch, to have your ass stretched, abused, spat on and fucked hard. We love anal training and fisting sluts and slaves asses when in a live web cam show. We will demand that you bring objects to the session such as bottles, bats etc and you will be instructed as to how to use these objects for the proper anal violation. We want to prize they cheeks wide open and slide the biggest sex toy, strapon or anything we can find to help us make you the little bitch that you truly are. If you are ready to have a huge dildo slid into your ass nice and deep and listen to yourself moaning and be made to watch yourself in the mirror, then step inside bitch it;s time

No matter what type of slave you are you will always find a mistress who is ready to make your life an absolute living miserythis is their job and this is what makes them happy at all times. When they demand you strip and stand ready for inspection and then they humiliate your little penis and tell you how they ar enow going to make you their little bitch. These online females are always willing to take you to the next level, to push your boundries and make you beg to worship and adore them at all times. This is the world you now live in. These women thrive on financial domination and making you become their little pet money slaves, they demand all of your hard earned cash, every penny you make they will take from you and use to buy themselves luxuries. Your job is as always to obey and give them what they want, which may include  signing a financial domination contract